Beeston Fitness

Online Timetable for week commencing 11th May


Classes are continuing online using Facebook Live or Zoom.

In order to keep our AMAZING fitness community thriving during this time of separation, Beeston Fitness will be providing an online fitness timetable.

We are providing a week long timetable that will cost £12 for the first week then £5 £8 or £12 depending on your usage & circumstance.

Alternatively you could join me for one session on a pay as you go basis at just £3 for a half hour fitness session, £5 for a Yoga practise. Just click the appropriate button below so sign-up.

Please join us as we temporarily transfer to this online platform so we can stay connected and continue with all of our on going fitness journeys whilst keeping communication flowing and supporting each other on the way!

To all of our current fitness folk that we see week in, week out, we can’t wait to see you on this new platform!
And to anyone that has never attended physical class before, we are so excited to welcome you to our fun and inclusive Beeston Fitness community!🥰