Dynamic Yoga Flow


Dynamic Yoga Flow is a Vinyasa style Yoga practice where sequential movements are connected with the breath (pranayama).

The Yoga postures (Asanas) therefore flow from one to the other and when this flow is led by the breath it helps to develop a meditative experience through movement.It is a class that is aimed at differing levels where options can be taken for the flow of moves to be more or less challenging.The gentle flow of movement can be made more dynamic, building heat within the muscles & optimising the development of strength and flexibility, core strength, focus and flow as the asanas & transitions become more challenging.The awesome awareness created within the body throughout the class means that the Savasana (shah-VAH-sah-nah) sets up the conditions that allow you to gradually enter a truly relaxed state, one that is deeply refreshing.


Enhance our feeling of wellbeing
Develop greater awareness of your breath and teach yourself to control your breathing. This will help you in all other daily functions from trying to sleep to staying calm in a panicky situation. Learn to listen to your body when it’s physically challenged and make appropriate positive responses and also learn and practice the art of relaxation to further enhance wellbeing… Ahhh that’s better.

Get stronger and stay stronger… (in mind and body)

Dynamic Yoga Flow focuses on transitions from one posture to another which challenges the skeletal muscles as you lift and lower the body/body parts and hold a posture; or flow from a lunge, to a plank, to a tricep press. Challenging yourself physically and rising to the challenge will lead to improved self-confidence and an ever increasing positive mental attitude… Let’s do it…

Improve your body awareness

Understand what you are being asked to do and why because Dynamic Yoga Flow is taught from a fitness perspective. You don’t need to know your uttanasana from your bakasana. You will learn which posture for example stretches your hamstring, when your abdominals are working and where your diaphragm is!!… Hmmm.. still confused? Come and learn more about YOUR body. You are encouraged to take control of your workout in order that each individual; the strongest, the most supple, the most mindful, gets the maximum out of their practice.

Meet and mix with a positive thinking, fun, friendly social group

Mix with other group members who have a great positivity about them. Feed off each other’s energy and humour. Be a part of a team with many differences but where everyone feels included.

To laugh more

Yes in this Dynamic Yoga Flow class we work physically hard resulting in an occasional grunt or groan (or is that just the group moaning at me?); a wobble (sometimes with a domino effect); shaky muscles, mostly through hard work sometimes due to suppressed laughter… Let it all go I say… The giggles are good for you… And now welcome to laughing yoga …… ENJOY

Fight the ageing process… (together!)

Dynamic Yoga Flow incorporates stretch, strength and Yoga postures and is validated from a fitness perspective. Anyone taking part can expect to improve their flexibility, increasing their range of movement around their joints… So folks to banish stiff joints and tight, tense muscles, take Albert Einstein’s advice… “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”… and Sally’s advice… “practise Dynamic Yoga Flow to move more effectively and efficiently, with better posture and self-awareness”

No membership required – Each session costs £8.00, just turn up and pay on the night.